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Type: Musky, Powerful, Warm, Ambrette seed, Fruity. Intensely powerful substantive musk odor with depth and richness. Hints of Floral and red fruit sweetness

Usages: Fine Fragrance, Beauty Care, Soap, Laundry Care


Recommended Use Level: 0.1% - 2%

Description: Ambrettolide is a macrocyclic musk which has exceptional diffusion and a very fine character. Its influence in a composition can be perceived at all evaporation levels.It is a superb fixative and highly substantive, and yet exalts the top note of a fragrance in an exceptional manner.

Fact Sheet:

Chemical Name : Oxacycloheptadec-10-en-2-0ne

Chemical formula : C16H28O2 Molecular

Weight : 252.39

Boiling Point : 180C - 190C (16mm Hg)

Flash Point : > 92C

Colour : Colorless to Pale yellow

CAS No : 28645-51-4

EINECS No : 249-120-7

ITC (HS) No : 3301 9033

FEMA : 4145

FDA : 172.515

Purity : 98% min by G.C,

Characteristics : It is one of the macro cyclic musk occurring naturally and is a superb fixative showing a synergetic and amplifying effect on perfumes Odor : In slightly diluted alcohol a floral musky, sweet and pleasant odour Usage : Performs as an aging mellowing agent in flavor compositions upto 0.7 ppm used. The fixative effect is easily recognized at 0.5% to 1.0% levels. It is a replacement to any nitro cyclic musk compounds. Stability : Acid Cleaner Liquid, fabric softener, hair spray, liquid detergent. Shampoo, soap. Deo stick, anti perspirant, candle, hard surface cleaner.


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