About Saraogi Shellac Group

We have in a short span of time has achieved an elite leadership position in Exports of "Ambrettolide" from India - approximately 25% of our industry's global market share - by challenging ourselves daily, inspiring our partnerships across the globe and serving our customers with heart and soul.

Saraogi Shellac Group Believes that Fragrance Evokes Memory, Fragrance is a reminder of that first rain, those chilly nights, few moments of ecstasy spent with your loved one and those refreshing natural aromas, Fragrances are a figment of our imagination and inspires us to imagine. We are manufacturer's with a difference, with a nose for the best aromas, we do not only smell , we manufacture.

Our road to success
Saraogi Shellac Group has long been engaged in Lac & Shellac Business since the inception of the Flagship company "Saraogi Shellac Overseas Corp". established in the year 1994. We have Worked hard on developing the skill and Expertise that has eventually transformed us from a trading company to an Manufacturing and Exporting enterprise in the Lac And Shellac Trade.

The Group Under the guidance of Mr. Dinesh Saraogi (CEO) has grown leaps and bounds, the intense hard work, dedication, understanding of customer needs and keen eye on quality has propelled the company to create a brand name for itself. the brand "Saraogi " is now synonymous with quality, prompt shipment and unmatched customer support may it be procuring materials, that match up to the best of international standards.

We have in this short period of time have been adopted the International Quality Standard ISO 9001:2008 and have been Successfully audited and certified by TUV SUD for 9 consecutive years. this long association with Lac & Shellac, in 2013 we decided to branch out to elite and sophisticated market that lac & shellac has to offer. After months of hard Research and Development by our top Brass , it was established that a state of the art manufacturing unit, along with a R& D facility of "Ambrettolide" be set up to cater to the world elite flavour and fragrance manufactures. In December of 2014, finally Saraogi Shellac And Aromatics was established.

Our Business Model
Our passion to understand market trends and our culture of ´Customer is always Right" enable us to focus on customer needs. Customers have always been at the heart of our business - they come first. Our business model revolves around the partnerships we have with our customers and doing our utmost, at every step along the value chain, to Supply innovative ideas, products, flavour and fragrance solutions that surpass their expectations and help build their brands. To help them win in their marketplace we leverage our consumer insights, innovation expertise and always provide them with the best possible solutions. Our innovative sourcing strategies ensure that we have the right raw materials to meet the needs of our customers and that orders are delivered on time by our highly efficient supply chain.
We are proud to work with Shellac since past 21 years.

We are a Manufacturing Exporter of Ambrettolide. Our Ambrettolide plant is setup in Kolkata, considering the hub for Lac and shellac trade globally, Ambrettolide is an forward integration in the lac and shellac product line. Ambrettolide is a macrocyclic musk which has exceptional diffusion and a very fine character. It is unique in that its influence in a composition can be perceived at all evaporation levels. It is a superb fixative and highly substantive, and yet exalts the top note of a fragrance in an exceptional manner.

It is one of the macro cyclic musk occurring naturally and is a superb fixative showing a synergetic and amplifying effect on perfumes.

In slightly diluted alcohol a floral musky, sweet and pleasant.

Performs as an aging mellowing agent in flavor compositions upto 0.7 ppm used. The fixative effect is easily recognized at 0.5% to 1.0% levels. It is a replacement to any nitro cyclic musk compounds.

Acid Cleaner Liquid, fabric softener, hair spray, liquid detergent. Shampoo, soap. Deo stick, anti perspirant, candle, hard surface cleaner. Saraogi Shellac is more than two and a half decades old family based establishment , its roots are in shellac Procurement , manufacturing and has been catering to the global shellac demand. the establishment has its office & warehouse in one & only trade zone of shellac in India i.e. Kolkata.

Some of the Key Features of the Manufacturing Unit : 

	1.	Installed Capacity - 24000 Kgs.
	2.	State of art and technology
	3.	ISO 9001:2008 Compliant 
	4.	ISO 14001:2004 Compliant
	5.	ISO 18001:2007 Complaint
	6. 	US FDA Registered 
	7. 	HALAL Certified 



More than QUATER OF a century back Dinesh Saraogi (Saraogi Shellac GROUP) Established their shellac manufacturing & TRADING unit in the most prominent belt of lac & SHELLAC trADE & set up his office in one & only trade zone of shellac in India i.e. KOLKATA



Saraogi Shellac Overseas Corp 78, Canal Street (Gr. Floor.)
East West Appartments,Sribhumi
Kolkata-700048,India Tel:+91-33-25342778/32917830 Fax:+91-3325210109 Email:dinesh@saraogishellac.com, info@ambrettolide.com